Bengkulu, The Hidden Tourist Attraction in Southern Sumatera

Not many people knows where Bengkulu is located, even to few people in Indonesia. Bengkulu is one of province in Indonesia, located in the southern of Sumatera. It was onced together with lampung, included as Southern Sumatera Province in the past years.

Not also many people awares that Bengkulu hides some distinctive destinations which is rarely found in the other place in Indonesia. It is believed that the restricted accecibility entering to Bengkulu caused this province is not wellknown as other neighbour provinces. Air transportation is the only best way to visit Bengkulu, while land and sea transportation is unconveniently operated.

I firstly came to Bengkulu in 2004, when my previous company assigned me in Bengkulu. I was wondering where was exactly bengkulu located and what could we do there. I was desk researching when I found that actually, this part of Indonesia is hiding many interesting places to be visited. And I was surprised that this area was exchanged by Biritsh to get Singapore from Ducth. I was wondering what could be happened if the exchange was never done. Could Bengkulu be as developed as Singapore ?

But it’s all just history. In fact, Bengkulu has many interesting places to be visitied. Pantai Panjang (in English should be translated as Long Beach), is one of the fascinating beaches I have ever visited in Indonesia. It’s white sandy and long beaches fascinate people who come to bengkulu for the very first time. It is located just 2 km from the heart of bengkulu city. I will never forget the delicious coconut which offered by many people along the beach.
Some historical places are also the interesting attraction in Bengkulu. Indonesia first president’s exiled house is located in Bengkulu. It still the president’s private stuff : shirts, bycicle, books, etc. The house is just like the same with the one I see in some historical books. It is realy interesting. The house of the president’s wife is also located not far from the president’s house. I wonder that’s why they could be in touch and proceeded to the marriage.
Then, another interesting attraction, Bengkulu is one of the few places in Indonesia that the rare Raflesia Arnoldi flower can grow up and bloom. Some times a year, the flower blooms which attract many people not only from Indonesia. It is believed that the flower is one of the biggest flower in the world.
So, if you are interested in unussual tourist attraction, please do come to Bengkulu, the hidden

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